October 10, 2014   2 notes

Anonymous said: What happened to the old tumblr? :c

It’s Spoopy-Replies for now, but only for/until Halloween. Just using this older blog as a nameholder so no one else takes it ^^

July 23, 2013   17 notes

Two puppet requests for Perrikins6 and Prosopeio, hope you like them!

July 22, 2013   3 notes

Anonymous said: How long does it take you to complete requests?

When I actually work on them, a little over 10 minutes. However I’ve been busy with other things and am a little tired right now to draw any of the requests. Will possibly draw some tomorrow.

June 27, 2013   72 notes

I got so many requests for them, so here you go, Mane 6 puppets!

June 23, 2013   15 notes

This is a very serious post.

June 14, 2013   4 notes
References. Please.

References. Please.

June 14, 2013   10 notes

OC Requests for WonderUser 64 and Trot Kadero!

June 14, 2013   9 notes

NOTE: If you want me to draw your OC as a puppet, PLEASE submit a decent reference picture of them. This is the last warning I’ll give, all OC requests without one from now on will be deleted!

June 10, 2013   36 notes

There was a slight demand for Nuppeta/Nepuppeta/Nepeta puppet, so I made a slightly more detailed one!

June 10, 2013   10 notes
A pirate puppet I made for a university presentation!

A pirate puppet I made for a university presentation!